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Group Captives

The Group Captive strategy brings you together with a group of like-minded businesses to form your own insurance company. Member participants own the right to their underwriting and investment income, and coverage within the captive includes:

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Single-Parent Captives

An insurance company formed to provide coverage to a single-parent owner, this structure is designed for any company that insures the risk of its parent and affiliated companies. Includes deductible reimbursement policy to assist companies in analyzing deductible options and structuring the preferred solutions for financing losses.

In addition to workers’ compensation, automobile liability and general liability, single-parent captive owners can fund for less traditional risks — such as subcontractor default, construction defect, errors and omissions, and warranty business.

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Rental Captives

A unique variation on captive ownership, Rental Captives allow companies to use a legally segregated underwriting account in an existing captive — rather than forming their own captive. This provides the benefits of a large deductible program while offering the budgetary stability of a fully insured program.

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Employee Benefits Captive

There is no better time than now to bring captive insurance solutions to employee benefits. Many great companies are leaving the traditional insurance marketplace as healthcare costs soar and reform creates uncertainty – you can join them in a cleaner pool! Captive alternatives for employee benefits provide a way to finance medical and pharmacy costs and retain underwriting profits and investment income, ultimately gaining more stability and predictability. In joining a captive, you become part of a larger group in the marketplace and, together, retain your own risk so you buy less insurance – gaining additional insulation from traditional market increases. Other advantages include having access to claims data and performance information, ensuring you can stay on top of trends in your employee population and manage risks efficiently.

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Private Insurance Companies (pICS)

Commonly referred to as 831(b) Captives, pICS offer small and mid-sized businesses benefits previously only afforded by larger companies when they become owners of their own private insurance companies.

A captive insurance company that qualifies to be taxed under Section 831(b) of the Internal Revenue Code only pays tax on investment income while allowing underwriting profits to accumulate on a tax deferred basis in the captive. pICS that write lower frequency coverages and manage risk well can often maximize the tax benefits of Section 831(b). Further, a pICS with the right legal structure can also be incorporated into estate and wealth management plans.

Benefits of pICS:

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