ICS Agency Partners

Building a foundation of trust.

At ICS, we think of insurance brokers as more than just service providers. They are valuable business partners who have skin in the game and have a real stake in our customers’ success.

Our unique business model aligns ICS, our customers and our select Agency Partners. We don’t remove the insurance broker from the equation. In fact, we insist that our customers include brokers in their captive program. And we insist that our Agency Partners share in the investment of captive ownership. This allows us to create a partnership based on trust, accountability and long-term success.

Our goal is to share our expertise and passion for the captive option with our Agency Partners. We continually provide the knowledge, skills and services required through ongoing training, education and networking. Then, working together, we can create even smarter solutions to take our clients’ businesses to new levels.

By becoming one of our partners, agencies are able to learn from the industry leader and offer an important alternative risk solution to clients. This gives our Agency Partners a valuable competitive advantage in the industry that will open doors to new prospects, as well as help them retain key clients.

We are always looking for new agencies to join us. Contact us if you think your agency would be a good fit with ICS.

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