About ICS

Innovative Captive Strategies (ICS) was established in 1999 to create progressive insurance solutions that allow companies to take control of risk. Founded by Daniel T. Keough, ICS entered the captive market with a sophisticated business model and uniquely passionate approach to the business. Over the years, the company has built an experienced team of captive insurance specialists who have helped businesses with a wide range of risk management needs.

Do business boldly.

At Innovative Captive Strategies (ICS), we look at insurance in a bold new way. We discover new possibilities that will help our customers succeed. We challenge ourselves and our customers to be free thinkers. Then we help them seize their full potential. Encouraging them to look beyond the unexpected. To do business boldly.

Our goal has always been to become the best captive insurance consultant, and we’ve carefully aligned ourselves with top agencies to achieve that. It’s how we continually offer the very best solutions to customers who want to control their own destinies.

Unique Business Alignment

While other captive consultants remove the broker partner from the captive process, we not only encourage their involvement, we insist that brokers invest in their clients’ captive programs. This builds a stronger relationship based on trust, accountability and the opportunity for all partners to succeed.

Captive Insurance Is All We Do

Captive insurance is our specialty — it’s all we do. Our goal is not to be the biggest and we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We want to be the best, and we’ll do that by being selective about who we partner with. We invest a lot of time and effort identifying the right companies and seeking out the best agencies. Why? Because we’ve learned that both need to be 100 percent dedicated to the captive concept and willing to put skin in the game to reach long-term success. Our expertise and passion lead us to innovative solutions and custom, turnkey captive programs designed to fit very specific business and industry needs.

Mission, Vision and Values

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